Request to publisher to deposit Version of Record (book chapter)

Use this template if you have no Accepted Manuscript (AM) and would like to deposit the publisher-branded PDF (for a book chapter).  Replace the <bolded> text with your relevant information.

Dear <Publisher>:

I am the author of Chapter <number > (“<chapter title>”) in the book <Book title>, published by <Publisher name><year>.

I am contacting you to obtain your permission to archive the publisher’s version (Version of Record) of this single chapter in our institutional repository, RUcore (  I would like my article to appear along with my other works in the repository and this is the only version I have available to me.  It would be made freely and publicly available online, indexed by Internet search engines, and linked to your webpage, where the book is available for purchase <url if applicable>.

The repository will cite the original publication in full and comply with any requirements you might have as to copyright acknowledgement, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

With best regards,

<Your name>
<Your Affiliation>

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey