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Request to publisher to deposit Version of Record (book chapter)

Use this template if you have no Accepted Manuscript (AM) and would like to deposit the publisher-branded PDF (for a book chapter).  Replace the <bolded> text with your relevant information.

Dear <Publisher>:

I am the author of Chapter <number > (“<chapter title>”) in the book <Book title>, published by <Publisher name>, <year>.

I am contacting you to obtain your permission to archive the publisher’s version (Version of Record) of this single chapter in my university's institutional repository. I would like my chapter to appear along with my other works in the repository and this is the only version I have available to me. The repository will cite the original publication and link to the published version on the first page of the archived work and also from its accompanying metadata description. I realize this may be an exception to your policies, and hope that you will grant permission in this case.

Thank you for your consideration.

With best regards,

<Your name>
<Your Affiliation>

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey