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"I was so happy to see that I was able to retrieve Megan Lotts article on your site. I work at Keiser University in Sarasota, FL and was hoping to see Megan Lotts live up in Tampa, We have a very small staff here so even though I cannot go up to Tampa I will be able to hear the recording of Megan's presentation. I am very happy to read some of Megan Lott's writings. "
"Research is more readily available to everyone."
-professor emerita
"I am using this article to help plan a unit of study for Hamlet for Honors English 12 students in Virginia Beach, VA. We talk about the gravedigger scene and vanitas, and I am very interested in the content of this article. "
-High school English teacher; adjunct community college instructor
A Mirror for Mankind: The Pose of Hamlet with the Skull of Yorick
"Thanks so much for providing access to your scholars' papers. I am attempting to understand how other organizations use Google Analytics and this paper proved helpful."
"I'm a former pastor of 10 years. I've suffered two strokes, so no longer active in preaching but still want to read and research. With only a small check to live on free resources are a great benefit. Thank you for this service."
"Open Access has given great insight into qualitative and quantitative information and knowledge that has greatly improved the quality of my research work. I hate to remember that the first two articles I needed for my research were not OA; I trembled when I read the title of this article, which I consider very vital for me, fearing it was another paid article. It was with great relief that I noticed it could be downloaded free. Bravo to OA initiative. "
"I studied linguistics in college about 10 years ago. Lately I have been spending my free time reviewing topics that I found particularly interesting. It was refreshing to have such easy access to articles such as this one, in order to reinforce and further my learning in linguistics."
"This article was added to UNICEF's database of education interventions, which is used for a national-level planning tool to assess evidence for the effectiveness of interventions to improve schools. We are happy to have found the article because it is one of the few instances of field-research on libraries."
"SOAR is a fantastic resource! It's great to be able to keep statistics on my research and I like having a credible link to send individuals when I want to share my work."
-Faculty/researcher at a college or university
"As a graduate student it is very important for me to publish and make a niche for myself in a particular area of research. Open access allows me to extend the reach of my work by making it more available to others."